Why ask for Angora wool?

Why angora wool?


Angora wool is derived from spinning the fur of the Angora rabbit; the rabbit is not killed, but just sheared and combed to collect its fur. This wool is characterized by a notable slipperiness, and is soft and shiny with a strong sensation of warmth. Angora rabbits were the favored animals of emperors and kings.   The race is thought to have originated in Turkey.  The French nobility also loved it, where it was introduced in 1723. This wool is characterized by a warmth of up to six times that of normal wool, and is very useful for warming the human body; the joints, such as the knees, elbows and spinal cord in particular. This is the reason for our choice to put Angora wool in all of our “warmers” line, “Angora warmers” as the English name suggests, which we offer at a reasonable price!