What is the cellulite?

Completo massaggio anticellulite

What is the cellulite?

The vocabulary item cellulite reads: "pathological accumulation of fat and water in the subcutaneous tissue, and the following deformation beyond." This pathological deformation has always been a feature of the female body, however, that there has been much modified over the years, was the mental attitude towards cellulite. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, for example, women thriving, prosperous (and full of cellulite) were considered among the most attractive and feminine. In our time, marked by a strong focus on online and physical fitness, cellulite has become the number one enemy of women, to defeat it, undergoing treatments of all kinds, from those aesthetic surgery. To avoid reaching such drastic solutions such as surgical or a stage in the formation of cellulite almost irreversible, it is necessary to implement the necessary prevention, which passes through the combination of diet and physical activity constant. Retention idricaIl problem of cellulite and water retention (ie the accumulation of fluid between the tissues of the body) are associated closely with each other, so much so that the diet to solve these two problems is the same. Remember that in our body there are three different types of movement: the arterial, the venous and lymph. The arterial circulation is a Member of the task of carrying the purified blood from the liver and lungs through the body, to nourish and oxygenate the tissues. The task of the venous circulation is already used to collect blood from the tissues of the body, so full of toxins, and transport it to the liver and lungs because it is "cleaned up". The lymphatic circulation is formed instead by a network of tiny grooves carrying the lymphatics. These are full of waste that must be eliminated, passing first through the veins of the chest, and from there to the kidneys and liver. Accordingly, the appearance of cellulite can be divided into three fasi. So cellulite it's a disorder that affects the hypodermis, a tissue that lies beneath the dermis being predominantly fat. It 's an active tissue for binding elapsing between its metabolism and caloric balance. Its activity is manifested by a lipolytic, which causes the dissolution of fat when the caloric balance is negative, or with that of liposintesis, triggering the deposition of fat, when the balance is positive. Is the body's energy reserves. The subcutaneous fat is distributed differently in the two sexes: in women is more pronounced in the district of the lower body, this area that has particular sensitivity to the action taken by estrogen and progesterone, the typical female hormones. The woman, though slender, has tended to accumulate fat in your hips more pronounced. The males have a localized mainly in the abdominal fat and visceral ("bacon").


One of the traditional means of intervention is massage, which proves to be valid for its stimulating effect on blood circulation district, for the improvement of the cutaneous trophism and oxygenation cell. Must be performed by an expert, because otherwise you can cause damage, especially if the massage is too vigorous and is practiced on people who show signs of capillary fragility. A good combination is to do traditional massage sessions, twice a week for a month, and lymphatic drainage. This technique is able to release the tissues cellulytic from excess fluids and toxins that stagnate in the subcutaneous connective tissue, thereby facilitating the drainage towards the connectors lymphatic and glandular stations attached. This massage can be performed either manually or mechanically. Lymphatic drainage is very effective, but must be performed by experts and professionals who know the deep lymphatics organic. With this massage you get an immediate reduction circoferenza the area treated and your skin a rosy due to improved oxygenation.

THE BEST SOLUTION So you can reduce cellulite, without surgery, by adopting a more balanced power, making an adequate exercise, appropriate treatments and especially massage. There may be a valuable aid to our line of products to combat and control this enemy number one of today's women. A complete line of shorts and a tank top, medium and long massage technology products SEAMLESS (without side seams so annoying). The vest can be worn as an elegant summer giacca.Indossando under the coordinated shirt + short in a few days you will have these benefits:

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