What's emana?

Shape and warm up your body! with NEW TECHNOLOGY emana®, click on to see movie


Our products are from a few officially licensed emana® by Rhodia


Heads made of a special polyamide fiber can reduce muscle fatigue and the signs of cellulite. emana® absorbs infrared radiation emitted by human body and re-emits the absorbed radiation as far infrared (FIR) wave which interacts with human body promoting the body stimulation and a natural warmth. They are the result of a search 4 years long are made with a the special yarn “emana®”, which incorporates in its polymeric matrix bioactive mineral, crystals giving the possibility of developing an elevated level of interaction between the tissue and your skin, improving blood microcirculation and cell metabolism, helping thus to reduce the signs of cellulite and sport action. Tested by scientific studies, garments made with “emana ®”  offer many benefits, such as:


  • Increased synthesis of collagen to make your skin healthier, softer and younger

  • increases the elasticity of the skin by reducing the signs of cellulite

  • delay in fatigue and better muscle oxygenation during sports activities

  • promotes a sense of warmth, comfort and wellbeing


 It is a product whose characteristics do not vary even after numerous washings (permanent effect), it is easy to wash and dry as nylon tights.