Support hosiery with graduated compression

CzSalus knee stockings or tights, thanks to their continuous, beneficial, gradual massage from the bottom towards the top can definitely be of help for circulation problems and to prevent and/or alleviate heaviness and swelling of the legs.

Dr. Renato Moroni, specialist in this area affirms:

Wearing CzSalus pantyhose, thanks to the compression applied to the entire lower limb with decreasing values from the ankle to the thigh, and thanks to a constant massage, can invert the level of venous blood pressure “thigh/ankle”, facilitating venous and lymphatic return and curing the consequences of circulatory stagnation. They are especially indicated for people who, even though healthy, have a sedentary lifestyle, as in long-haul international flights.”

You can find our knee high in the following sizes with variable compression from 16 to 21 mm/hg according to your needs, in both cotton and microfiber.